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Cake Smash Sessions

Your one or two year old are in learning celebration mode, and what better way than to remember and enjoy this wonderful milestone with a fun filled cake smash session close too a birthday.  


Capturing their expressions, their exploration, whilst getting a little messy with the beautifully hand made cake by Sweettalk, in Eden Terrace.

Sweettalk is Angela Scott's favourite cake supplier, they are local to the studio and their styling is always perfection.

Your one year old is at a very inquisitive stage, likes, looking, touching and tasting.

Your two year old loves running around the studio and getting into as much mischief as possible.


Choose and design your cake

Fillings- choose vanilla or chocolate, flavour and colour, 

Exterior styling- Naked raw finish- seeing the actual cake through some light icing

or Iced, in these colours, peach, lilac, pink, blue, sage green, white, cream.

These cakes retail for $130, so best to purchase one of my packages, child only or include family. You can purchase one of these packages below, however check with the studio booking availability as often these are needed to be done on specific days. Weekends are not ideal for these sessions(and will incur our standard weekend fees), but Fridays (and Wednesday & Thursdays) are the studio's preferred shoot days.

Why not include grandparents? It's also a wonderful gift from a family member to you, we have had many people purchase these sessions as gifts.

Birthday sessions for older children, at the studio or at your actual party event on-location are now available too, so everyone can celebrate with the wonderful world of professional photography.

Paper cake sessions for girls are now available and packages start at just $495

If you would like a package tailored just for you, just email or call the studio, 09 3606012 or 0272464760


The studio has a range of backgrounds, accessories, and outfits for both boys and girls, that are accessible once a package is purchased. 

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