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Terms & Conditions

I am a full-service photography studio offering a individually artistically crafted shoot experience session and hand-crafted bespoke products, from start to finish.


There is hours of labour in this craft.

All of what I offer, my sessions and my products, are on the basis of the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.


By contracting me, you agree to our Terms as set out here.

Book your session

Read these terms prior to engaging with the studio and make sure you are happy with all details, pricing, products, style etc.

Gift Card (discounts) terms of Use

If you hold a Giftcard and are redeeming it, please read the details on the card, and it will state what you will receive. If the Giftcard hasn’t been fully paid for, e.g. the source/origination then most of ours are discounts on a purchase, e.g you intend to buy product and then redeem the card as a discount… Please contact the studio direct to assist you to understand how our Giftcards do actually work.

Only one gift card may be redeemed at one time, so you can’t bring to the studio two or three and combine the values.

So make sure this is the right time for you to invest in professional photography.. as giftcards are a discount on a purchase.. you must purchase product with the studio to then take the value of the giftcard of dollar value off the purchase.

$500 Giftcard, works like this.

  • Studio Session $100, Viewing and Purchasing Session $100, and $300 of complimentary Product, or location session $250, Viewing and Purchasing session $100 leaving $150 of complimentary Product. So your purchase may come to $2000, and you will then take the $500 off, so you will then pay the studio $1500.

  • Some product is now sold in packages, so you just take the value off the package, and pay the remainder.

  • $50 BOOKING FEE, to book into our diary, doesn't come out of the value, it is a deposit to book the time with us.

$300 Giftcard, works like this.

  • Studio Session $100, Viewing and Purchasing Session $100, and $100 of complimentary Product, or location session $250, Viewing and Purchasing session $100 leaving $50 to pay the studio.

  • So your purchase may come to $895, and you will then take the $300 off, so you will then pay the studio $595.

  • Some product is now sold in packages, so you just take the value off the package, and pay the remainder.

  • $50 BOOKING FEE, to book into our diary, doesn't come out of the value, it is a deposit to book the time with us.

$200 Giftcard, works like this.

  • Studio Session $100, and  Viewing and Purchasing Session of $100 and you then purchase all product.

  • On-Location of your choice, Session cost is $250, so you will need to pay $50 for this, and pay $100 for the Viewing you will pay $350 for this and take the $200 discount off, leaving $150 to pay and pay for all product additionally. So your purchase may come to $1500, and you will then take the $200 off, so you will then pay the studio $1300.

  • Some product is now sold in packages, so you just take the value off the package, and pay the remainder.

  • $50 BOOKING FEE, to book into our diary, doesn't come out of the value, it is a deposit to book the time with us.


Our fees are set out below:

Session Fees: Your session fee covers the time of the photographer during the photo session, and editing the images to the key best, the use of the photography studio, we are an inner-city studio for your convenience, based just up the road from Motat, easily accessed by the motorway, and we have 2/3 studio parking  and also street parking after 10am which you can then walkup our short driveway, the use of the props, and all backgrounds available in the studio as well as the use of all our clothing wardrobe for small humans, toddlers and for pregnancy, all of our photographic equipment of 15k, the wear and tear of the equipment used during your session.

General fees are the below, however some sessions vary and are sold in a package with or without product.

Studio Session Fee: $100

Location Session Fee: $250

Weekend Additional Fee: $100 extra.. weekends especially a Saturday is heavily in demand, and is generally a busier overbooked day where the studio is working more on a time schedule to fit in those who must have the day and can't come during the week. Sundays $200 extra.

Booking our diary fee: $50

This fee assists our customers in understanding that our time is valuable. Whether you have a giftcard or a complimentary package, the $50 booking our diary fee, must be paid to secure your session day and time.

A session fee will be charged regardless of whether artwork is subsequently purchased. All session fees are non-refundable and payable prior to the session day.

Additional Travel Fee: A location fee outside of Auckland region is $395- $595 depending how far out. We will inform you at the time of booking if an additional fee applies based on your location, we do travel throughout New Zealand to your property to give you the desired outcome of what you have been dreaming of.

Products: All printed and digital files are purchased additionally to your session fee. You may decide the formats, sizes and whether you wish to purchase digital, prints or framed.

Our prices reflect our high-quality of two decades (20+ years) of skill, use of studio resources and equipment.

Our digital files, are fully artworked. Some specific artwork, may be charged additionally like remove braces, or head swapping or body swapping.

Digital files are not refundable once sent to you, as you have and own them.

Our printed art pieces start from $295 and most customers spend above $500 with the studio, entering into larger amounts of $1000, $2000, $3000, $5000, if budgets allow.

Please note, GST Goods and Services Tax of 15% is now INCLUDED our session fees and products as above.

Viewing & Purchasing Session

You can book this session straight after the shoot itself, if the studio has time to fit this in, alternatively within a two week window after the shoot session itself.. The studio reserves the right not to keep images after this time as the studio is operational on customers paying for services and products and this Session is when the Studio often receives final payment.

Ordering and Payment

Payment by card, afterpay, gemvisa, cash or eftpos is available.


Orders are placed at the Viewing & Purchasing Session. Once an order is placed and an order form signed, this is considered an agreement between parties, and the studio honours the agreement by producing the product purchased.

Once retouching has begun or been completed, you may not amend your order at this stage. All orders are deemed final as artwork is the labour intensive part of our service.

Ownership of your order and product, will be on full payment.

If you need to discuss your order, please do so via phone with Angela Scott herself, as failure to pay any outstanding amounts, without communication means we can authorise Debt Works collectors to collect on our behalf, they charge an additional fee of 30% which is added to your invoice. You will be liable for any expenses, disbursements and legal fees incurred by them additionally to the 30% to obtain payment.


Images may be used for Angela Scott Photography Ltd competition, display and advertising purposes, unless agreed otherwise.

Milestone Album

If you have been kindly gifted an album, and haven't actually paid for it, and decide not to start the album off with paying for a page and session, then please kindly return the album to the studio so that others can buy it...

Hair and Makeup

If you require this service, you will need to employ your own stylist to do this at your home, prior to the session commencement. We can offer a list of stylists, and do have the opportunity to employ our own at $220.

Rescheduling and Cancelling

When you book and confirm an appointment, we set aside precious studio time and resources for your sessions.

If you need to reschedule your appointment due to illness or unforeseen events, we require you to contact the studio prior to the appointment, this can be done via email or phone or text 0272464760. If it’s on the day, please be aware we may be working with other customers and do not receive your message, please be patient and we are understanding.

If we have to cancel or postpone your appointment, we will give you as much notice as practically possible and make reasonable endeavours to reschedule to a mutually convenient time. Weather is a large factor for location sessions being postponed, often we schedule 2 sessions in the diary so that we can negotiate all conditions.

Retouching and Editing

Images are hand- retouched at our studio style.

If there is something you are particularly after, please discuss this at the Viewing and Purchasing session or email it through to us,

Head Swap $150 Body Swap $200 (one image)

If significant additional retouching is requested (for example, advanced retouching, manipulation of facial and body structure, hair colouring includes fixing regrowth, braces) it may incur our high level fees, at $300 per image. We want our images to look like you so aren’t keen on making you look like someone you aren’t.

If you have ordered framing, and have picked up your art-pieces and want additional retouching work done, you will be responsible for the costs associated with retouching, printing and re-framing.

Re-shooting to please

If you are unhappy with your photographs at the Viewing and Purchasing Session, and you wish to re-shoot, we will grant this at our discretion by negotiation, especially when we think we can produce something better than was taken. If we think we definitely can't and it's our studio standard, it's likely we will say no. The session fees aren't refundable as time and use of equipment, often an assistant has been utilised. Due to the nature of what the service is, we can't guarantee you will absolutely be happy with the results of any session. The images on the website are finished images with artwork, so they are not as shot images.. as shot images are not finished and retouched artpieces.. we do the artwork on the images after you have ordered them.

We take no responsibility for the artistic quality of the photographs where there are factors outside our control (for example, part families – missing family members at sessions, not happy with your own clothing choices, not liking your own make-up and messy or wild hair due to weather-related issues, not happy with your weight).

Transferring your Digital Files

We transfer your ordered digital files to you, via WeTransfer and you will receive an email asking you to download them to your computer. These files are printable to the specific size you have ordered, and often state this. They will be high resolution printable files which are best downloaded onto a storage drive that sits beside your computer, or on a computer with a lot of drive space, but definitely not on a device like a phone.

We send low resolution files, which are good for social purposes with every high res file, so the label of this file will say “low res” these are not printable but only good for email, Instagram, facebook, etc.

If digital images are provided to you, it is your responsibility to ensure the files are downloaded, however contact the studio if you don’t receive them. Usually we email you to advise that they are on their way, so check your junk or spam folders if you don’t actually receive them.

Saving your images

We retain all ordered images, and these are filed off-site from the studio in case of fire, there is considerable expense in doing this, so if you do happen to have an insurance claim on our artpieces, you can always contact the studio for a replacement invoice which your insurance company can pay for. Some images of some shoots may be retained for a particular reason, but we can’t guaranteed yours will be amongst these, if you didn’t actually order them at the Viewing and Purchasing Session.

Using your own devices whilst we are shooting.

Please understand we are a business and you are investing in our services, so respect our request for you to allow us to capture this event in your lives, and you can capture your other events with your devices (cameras phones and video’s. If you do bring out devices, my assistant may ask you to put them away, and reserve the right to ask you to leave the studio.


You give permission and we reserve the right, to use any or all artwork for our promotional, marketing and/or advertising purposes unless you advise us otherwise in writing on the Terms Agreement which is emailed to you prior to a session or is available for you to read over prior to the shoot commencement. You just write NO for advertising, and we will respect this and your images will never be seen by anyone else.

Printed images are copyrighted to our Studio, copying, scanning or reproducing images is strictly prohibited. If you have ordered Digital Files you have the right to print them to the size you ordered. Print-screening images from this website also infringes our copyright and you will be asked to pay for the size of image you printed.


At odd times, the studio will have a competition running.  You are free to ask any questions about the competition.  Generally competitions are designed to get you around to booking a session, getting those long desired images that you have dreamed of but have never actually booked a photographer to create.


I will have prizes for the competition. Do share the competition details with your friends, as referrals are a good way of getting your loved family and friends around to their long awaited session.  There is always an opportunity to purchase images at the personalised viewing session, so consider budgets and do look at my pricing. The current competition running is detailed here and requires a $50 entry fee per image entered.

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