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Angela Scott’s Studio, adores children!

Our Girls are so precious and so cute and so much emotional fun. 

I love their hair and the many ways we can style it.

Their smiles, their shyness, their ability to be brave to pose in front of the camera

And the incredible fun they have dressing up and having some light makeup applied.

Our Boys are so creatively fun, into life, into energy and physical activity.

The studio has a child's wardrobe that parents and children can choose from.

You can also bring a variety of clothing options too, have a rummage through their wardrobe, pull out something they haven't worn for a while or something a family member has gifted but it's a bit too good quality to wear everyday.

Our Families are so amazing, as single people they have decided to join forces, couple up to do life together, and  also over time, or not over time, start their family, and in so doing, create the next generation.

Certain things should be celebrated, and other things we can do without, but for many reasons we are not always together, so consider celebrating what you have today, for tomorrow's enjoyment or longevity.

My magazine covers are often printed, inquire re pricing.

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