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Session Specifics:

Where will our session be held?

Choose my Studio for glamorous lighting.

My studio is based in the inner city, in Grey Lynn, just up the road from MOTAT. There is customer car parking up the driveway, right beside the studio entrance. So feel free to bring your car up. You are also able to park on the roadside in the bus lane after 10am weekdays or anytime weekends ,and walk up the short driveway.


The studio is home based, and glamorous, with an array of framed images to view many combinations of sizing, framing and finishing. 

There is an range of various background papers, and many props and accessories for all ages and stages..


The viewing room is right next door to the studio room and has been recently renovated and styled to be a special experience. 

On Location

What is "On-Location"?

I know Auckland well, so let’s have a chat about the right outdoor setting that will make your images delightful. This can be anywhere you like, whether it’s a local beach, forest, park, cafe, or your own home environment. Places you connect to are great for capturing that special memory and are delightful areas to shoot. You can also take a look at our website, FacebookInstagram and blog to give you inspiration!

Considerations: The environment is paramount for capturing the right tone for your picture. For instance, a beach setting is great in the morning for little children, or later in the evening with the setting sun for older ones. If local parks are your favourite I can come to you, or you can come to mine. It's only 1 minute walk from Western Springs park, and the shady atmosphere suits darker shades, like black, navy, greens. This tone is perfect for forest imagery as well along with brighter colours, like reds and pinks are fun with the green contrast.


For pregnancy later sunlight and beach imagery is gorgeous, especially  being dressed with flowing lighter pastels and full length images to outline the body shape. Consider the time of year, with seasonal flowers and bushes in colour tones, and match your clothing colours to what is out, like pinks and whites for blossoms. Autumn and spring are often magnificent at parks.

What is a Viewing & Purchasing Session?

The viewing and purchasing session is a time designed for you to view and select what you want, and is personalised held with me,  to give you my advice. The viewing room is right next door to the studio room and has been recently renovated and styled to be a special experience.

You can book this session straight after your shoot itself, which is what I try and offer most customers so you don't need to come back at a separate time, but on occasion if I have another shoot straight after, I won't be able to.

Viewings are to be done within a two week session of your shoot, this is to keep operational. At this session, you do need to make a final decision, sign off on the invoice and pay in full.  Please make an effort to look at our price guide, discuss with family/partner, and spend within your desired budget.  This saves remorse after the viewing session and using our valuable time. We have our price list on our website, in emails, and available to view at the studio,

Do consider making the effort to just visit the studio and meet me, there is no charge and you can have a good look around prior to any booking, and view the product range so that you can better work out what will suit your style, your home, and your budget. 

Viewing Info


Capturing your pregnancy and maternity is best after 22 weeks when your shape is visible but you are not too large.

I love doing a varied styling when you come to the studio. There is a large range of outfits/dresses and accessories and floating fabrics, so you do not need to bring anything to wear for the images.. Partners can be shirtless/topless if keen, or a t shirt or polo neck shoots well, plainer without logos or patterns please.


Consider painting your nails for that glamorous look. If you have a baby scan, or baby things you would like to add to the images as props, bring these too as these are about your story.


Bring your other children and involving them is a wonderful family memory, as this will make for extra-connected images.


Please come prepared with a selection of nude-coloured underwear, strapless bra, wear leggings which can work under some of the outfits, however I do have everything at the studio. 


Below is some of the studio pregnancy clothing, and new dresses in all colourways are always arriving.



Newborns are best photographed under five weeks old. You can do a session anytime you feel comfortable, from 8 days old. Therefore, the best time to book your newborn session is while you are still expecting, you can pencil in a time and then touch base with the studio after baby has come to confirm you are all okay. That way I can be sure to photograph your bub at the best possible time. This time frame means babies are often sleepy which allows greater scope for artistic poses. However, I am able to take babies at any stage as I can offer perfect images of babies on their own or in family imagery. View our gallery Newborn sessions for some examples.

I do newborn sessions generally Wed – Fri at the Grey Lynn studio where I have an extensive prop collection for you, and controlled lighting and temperature. You are not required to bring any outfits however if you have sentimental items please bring them along and I will make every effort to incorporate them into your session. I have all outfits, wraps, blankets, accessories, headbands etc at the studio, so you don’t have to bring anything at all. There are lots of gorgeous colourways of background blankets and flowered wreaths, and beds, so discuss what colours you like and what you think might suit your baby and decor.

Sessions vary in length of time depending on the package selected/paid for, but are generally of 2 hours, sometimes 4.5 hours! Allowing ample time for a variety of studio set-ups, as well as the important things like feeding, settling and cuddling. Sometimes there will be time to fit in a viewing and purchasing session, but otherwise you can come back another time within two weeks to make your decisions.

If you are bringing siblings for photographs with your newborn baby, I accommodate a few poses into the session, but please ensure they are well supervised, and perhaps have a second person come to pick them up afterwards to avoid them becoming bored, as busy siblings can disrupt the flow of the session. I do have a kids room with a dvd tv screen so can entertain them for a wee while if they are interested. I also love to do parent shots with the baby, and like to get these done at the beginning of the session, so please let me know if you plan to have these done, as I will set up the studio accordingly.


Older Babies – Sitting Up

Older babies are best photographed between 6-8 months, when they are just sitting stage. Therefore, the best time to book your older baby session is while your baby is just starting to sit but a little wobbly, that way I can be certain to photograph your bub at the sitting stage before they take off crawling, which can be a couple of weeks window. Older babies are a key stage of baby photography as they are super cute, their personality is showing and they’re giggly with huge smiles. Take a look at our baby imagery.

There is an extensive prop collection for you with controlled lighting and temperature. You are not required to bring any outfits however if you have sentimental items such as knitted blankets, special clothing items or hats you would like included in your images, please bring them along and I will make every effort to incorporate them into your session.

Sessions last for varied times, sometimes your baby can only take 20 minutes, sometimes longer even 30- 40- or 60 minutes, depending. Often I will have time to fit in a viewing and purchasing session but otherwise, you can come back another time within two weeks to make your decisions.

Older Babies