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Milestone Album

Your family begins with expecting your first child, and why not celebrate this time with a delightful book to update each year, a celebration of this child's welcoming into the world and to record your child's growth.  The book can be started at any stage, Pregnancy or Newborn, or older baby or child.. any stage you like...

To start your Milestone Album

Buy the Album

$295 is each years album update, photography session, viewing and selection process and retouched art-piece inclusive of page and you will also receive the digital file.
$150 option to purchase the case

$100 additional for on location of your choice, consider the studio's local park, Western Springs

There is no contract so you can start and stop or miss a year is fine..

The pages are the following.

Pregnancy and maternity
Newborn – baby under 3 months
Under 1 – baby around 6-8 months, just sitting is a nice stage
1 year through to 21 years, consider a year 1 or year 2 cakesmash session is truly fun for the book.

You get the album and each page at each session.. e.g so the book doesn’t come with all 21 pages so you can fill them in yourself as it’s our product.
If you are starting the album with an older stage/child and desire to fill in earlier years we do allow this of your own images or of another photographers work if you have the files, there is a $100 fee for each page, which includes us printing the image.

You can include other family members like do siblings, grandparents, animals/pets etc, when we do involve another member we charge $100 extra per image ordered.

The studio has a range of backgrounds, accessories, and outfits for both boys and girls, and we are always creating new styling ideas for the album updates.

Time of year sessions are Spring Flowers, starting August, or Autumn Leaves starting end of April, Summer at the Beach, and Winter Rugged up clothing can be fun too, as we adore to dress our kids up!

It's also an ideal gift for a Grandparent to purchase so instead of other baby shower products, consider this album as your key gift.

Birthday sessions for older children, at the studio or at your actual party event on-location are now available too, so everyone can celebrate with the wonderful world of professional photography.

Other ideas

Flowering walls or leaves of walls, eg. ivy is stylish

Clothing colours, some customers choose all one colour, and some of the greens are very in, darker look smart too, black or navy. All white is a classic

Your own garden and pathways, trees and flowers, entranceways, window sills

Interior of your home, hallways with floorboards, or sitting on them also stylish, a doorframe is nice too, similar to window but good standing pose..

Beach shoot, individuals in the album is a good idea, togs, as they won't be too keen to do this type when teenagers possibly.

Also changing the time of year for sessions, e.g. spring flowers are really September or Autumn Leaves April/May

Involving yourselves one year, so the kids with yourselves for a Milestone Year..

An on location family image might be nice, any year from now, also consider inclusion into the album 

Sport uniforms or school uniforms very cool in the album.

Winter rugged up look, so fully clothed with accessories, hats and scarves look very cool, especially at the beach

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