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Newborn Boys

At my Studio, I adore little boys! I do a variety of work with our main backdrops and props.  These can be on beanbags, with blankets in every colour way, in bowls, with a floral wreath, in a bucket, in a basket, in a little bed, wrapped up, or nude, or part nude and wrapped, we adore photographing little boys…


There is quite a collection of hats, wraps, outfits for boys in every colour way! You are welcome to select from the prop and backdrop range, and view and select all outfits and colour-ways.. you do not have to bring outfits for your baby, and I have newborn outfits right through to 2 year olds, so you can dress your toddler here.


I generally photograph new babies at 2 weeks old, however younger or older is fine, I can definitely take newborns at any age and get amazing results.. we had two 5 week olds in recently and we created some great portraits. Yes we can do prem babies no problem, just book in when you feel comfortable, however the older the babies are generally they won't sleep through shifting them into different poses, they wake up.

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