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Angela loves the whole process of creating a piece of photographic work. Everything from the experience of the professionally crafted shoot itself to the anticipation of
showcasing the images at the personalised viewing sessions and presenting the final
results. This art is delicately retouched and handcrafted, digital files or finished
printed framed art pieces.

Angela is a talented stylist, producing artistic high quality imagery, always ever-changing and keeping up with modern trends tailoring sessions to customers tastes, and is now 2 decades experienced... "I absolutely love little ones, from new creation tiny newborns, to sitting and giggling older babies and extended families delighted at being involved.

The experience of being photographed is always entertaining and colourful.
I really love seeing people enjoying the process and foster an environment where
people are comfortable to be themselves. We are fast, fun and then it's all over! We
inject enthusiasm and energy to capture moments of laughter, tenderness and love.

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I am a creative by gifting, and a mother to Marco now 23 years,  operating out of her Grey Lynn Home Studio, in Auckland, New Zealand.

"What I love most about image making, is the ability to see inside someone and develop an image that incorporates who people really are, and not just how we see ourselves on the outside.


Photography appears external, and we often are very self conscious now a-days with weight and clothing dilemmas "what shall I wear is the greatest stress", but great images have soul, and I have always felt mine have this. Why do I photograph humans and not other things? God has made us ever so unique, and although we can own many things in life and decorate our homes with items we think are cool and stylish, creating quality art of ourselves, is inspirational and uplifting, truly encouraging and the reward on all our investment on this earth.


Creating even one art-piece that genuinely is who we are, is priceless. I come from a family of photographers, my father being New Zealand's foremost scenic photographer producing calendars and postcards of New Zealand in the 1950's- 70's. I value the craft, appreciating quality images are a fine skill of years of experience, and can be the ultimate inspiration and celebration of life. -Angela Scott, Photographer.

About Angela
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Get in Touch

709a Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland 

Tel (+64) 9 360 6012  /  Mob. (+64) 27 246 4760

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