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Older Babies

Older babies are best photographed between 6-8 months, when they are at the just-sitting stage.. Therefore, the best time to book your older baby session is while your baby is just starting to sit but a little wobbly, that way I can be certain to photograph your bub at the sitting stage before they take off crawling, which can be a couple of weeks window, sometimes a few months but not usually. Older babies are the key stage of baby photography as they are super cute, into their own person-hood and generally huge smiles and giggly.

If your baby is not a newborn, but more around 6 weeks to 4 months, not new but not sitting, I can still create some great images! Often I use a propping-up chair or item they can sit in. Also they can do tummy-time well around 3-4 months.

I photograph older baby sessions generally Wed – Sat at my Grey Lynn studio where I have an extensive prop collection for you, and controlled lighting and temperature. You are not required to bring any outfits, however if you have sentimental items such as knitted blankets, special clothing items or hats you would like included in your images, please bring them along and I will make every effort to incorporate them into your session.

Sessions last for varied times, sometimes your baby can only take 20 minutes, sometimes longer - even 30- 40- or 60 minutes, depending. Sometimes you will have time to fit in a viewing and purchasing session, but otherwise you can come back another time within two weeks to make your decisions.

Also makeup and hair should be applied a lot heavier for images, or you can book my stylist to come to your home prior to your session, or to the studio. This can take 35-45 minutes and can be done while we are photographing your older baby.

Contact Angela today about booking your older baby session.. how exciting!

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