Business Studio &  Location Session (MAN)

Business Studio & Location Session (MAN)

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GST Included

A Business Session, in the Studio with various clothing/outfits, and On Location close to the studio.. generally urban styled.


Images suit all marketing purposes, linkedin, footers, business cards, websites, hero images and toned back images for more corporate.. also back of buses, or billboards is also suitable.


Product is Additional


Digital Files printable to 6 x 9 inches but good for any web usage


As photographed e.g. unretouched but colour corrected and cropped

Each $195       5x $495      10 $795      15 $995      20 $1295


Each $295      5x $795      10 $995      15x1295      20x 1695


Some retouching could be charged additionally, like head or body swapping, teeth altering etc

Ask for images suitable for bus stops, back of buses, and billboards.