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Families on Location of your choice.

It's such a fun experience to appreciate your family and celebrate what you have worked so hard for in a one off family session at a venue that you frequent often or that you love in your local area.

Nikora and Jo, booked their wedding with me many many years ago and Nikora thought he would gift his wife Jo a session with me, as a thank you for all her hard work in life and for bringing up the kids and a lovely decor piece in their home. They had in mind a large square family image up a stairwell, and then also liked a few other images so they created a 5 series piece that compiled all those other images they treasured.

Consider your family, and your home that you have worked so hard for, backyard, local cafe's bars or restaurants, pretty parks close by, beaches you walk the dog on, memories are better created when it's environments that mean something special to you and your family.

Including your family dog is important, he or she is a member and deserves to be included, also dogs are not around a long time so it's a beautiful memory when or if they pass away.

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