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Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Recently I did a session for Hollie Joss Property Management, to update their website

Why book a professional photographer, and why book one that specialises in the expetise of business imagery for marketing. Yes, we can all take a few photos nowadays and wing a few poses too, but this industry is a real craft with years of experience, and dedication. A photographer needs to understand the business type and how people working in the business need to be portrayed..

With this business shoot, we discussed, backgrounds and clothing. A showhome was hired to give a home look with clean modern furniture we created images that were simple and modern and eye catchy. Then personalised other images with a few images at Hollies home office/farm, including horses, as a lot of her customers own lifestyle properties. These images highlighted this area and also gave a personal touch to her overall website and brand. Prior to the shoot, the website looked very generic, so it's really now been enhanced.

Hollie is a real professional, she has been in the business past 30 years now, here are her details if you wish to contact her.


At Hollie Joss we make the rental experience for our landlords and tenants as hassle-free as possible. Hollie and her team of Property Managers cater to Home Owners, Investors & Tenants Auckland Wide including The North Shore, Hibiscus Coast and Rural Rodney.

Hollie has over 30 Years of Industry Experience as a property manager and is fully up to date with the latest changes in Legislation. Hollie and her team pride themselves on personalised service and good communication.

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